Disease Control

Lawn diseases are issues on turfgrass caused by a disease organism or pathogen. Lawn disease will become present when three main components exist in the lawn called the disease triangle. 

Pathogen- The organism that infects the host and causes damage

Environment- Environmental conditions, like temperature, moisture and humidity that are favorable for the specific pathogen

Host-  A grass variety that is susceptible to the pathogen

When these three components exist at the same time, a lawn disease will negatively affect the health of your grass. If one of the three components are missing, the disease cannot thrive and damage the turf. 

The first solution to control a disease is to help control the environment. A change in watering patterns can sometimes help to change the environment to help reduce disease activity. If this does not work and the weather does not change, fungicides can be applied to the lawn at additional costs. Lawn Sense will suggest the best solution to reduce lawn diseases like Red Thread, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch and Rust.